Five Steps to Choose the Best Lounge Suites For Your Home

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Sofa suites need to not only look great, but feel comfortable and be made to last. Regardless of your budget or personal style, shopping for lounge suites is one of the biggest and most important purchases you’ll make for your home. So, here we’ll explore the essential steps to choose the best suite for your home.


The Delicate Balance

There is a delicate balance when shopping for a lounge suite. While you need to stay within your set budget, you’ll want the best quality model. You’ll also need to choose a style and colour that you love right now, but will continue to look great in the years to come. Finally, you need to get the comfort factor you need.

There is no right and wrong answer to this, as you may want a couch that is great for sitting, but allows you to stretch out. Or you may prefer a deeper seat that allows you to curl up comfortably. This is a very personal decision, but these five steps should help you to make your purchase decision.


  1. Determine the Primary Function

The first step in buying new lounge suites is to determine the primary purpose. Some models may look fantastic, but may not feel comfortable if you want to chillax all weekend long. Alternatively, if you want a suite that will only be used occasionally in a formal living room, you won’t need it to be as hard wearing.


  1. Measure Your Current Sofa

Knowing the size of your current sofa will actually be a great help when you start shopping for new sofa suites. So, grab your tape measure and take a note of some dimensions. Measure the width, length and even height of your current sofa, so you’ll be able to compare new models to see whether it is bigger or smaller than what you already have.


  1. Mark Out Your New Suite

If you’re considering a lounge as an upgrade to your current couch, it can be worthwhile to mark out the measurements. Use newspaper or even low tack tape to show where the new lounge would sit in your room. This will allow you to see how a new lounge will fit with your other furniture and check to see if there is still sufficient room to move around freely.


  1. Choose the Colour and Design

Choosing the right design and colour is a purely personal decision, and there are a great many variations to choose from. Consider which materials would best suit your personal preferences and circumstances. If you want a hard wearing finish to manage a busy lifestyle in a family home, look for easy clean materials, so you can mop up any spills. Remember to try to coordinate colours with your existing decor, but keep in mind that you may want to redecorate in the years to come. If you’re uncertain, stick to a more neutral shade and coordinate with bold accessories such as throw cushions.


  1. Double Check Your Figures

Finally, double check that your new lounge suite will fit into your budget. Don’t forget to include any delivery fees or taxes that may be applied to the showroom price to ensure that it is affordable.

If you’re considering new lounge suites, you should visit us. At Chaise Sofas, we offer a wide selection of sofa suites and lounges. You’ll also find our team ready to answer any queries you may have.

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