Have Pets? How to Protect Modular Lounges From Scratches

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When you’ve gone to the trouble of shopping for the perfect modular lounges, it can be heartbreaking to have it delivered and find that your beloved four legged friend has marked it within a week or two. While you may promise yourself that your new lounge will be a pet free zone as you’re shopping, the reality is that you’re not going to be able to monitor your living space 24/7, so you need to know how you can keep your new lounge scratch free.

Modular Lounges

Why Pets Scratch?

The need to scratch is a natural instinct for many animals, but particularly in domestic pets like cats and dogs. Scratching marks territory, exercises muscles, alleviates stress and grooms claws by removing any dead sheath. So, while we may not like to witness our beloved pets showcasing their animal instincts, scratching is normal behaviour. Unfortunately, this can be devastating for modular lounges, sofas and other nice pieces of furniture. However, there are some ways to train your pet, so you don’t need to avoid purchasing the lounge of your dreams.

Look for Pet Friendly Fabrics

When you start shopping for modular lounges, you need to keep in mind which will offer a more pet friendly finish. Just like if you had small children and would need to look for wipe clean finishes, if you have a pet that is prone to scratching, this needs to be a consideration for your wish list.
Fortunately, there are lots of options for pet friendly fabrics. The key is to look for tightly woven materials and thicker fabrics that will be more resistant to puncturing, tearing and scratching. You also need to think about whether a sofa is built with robust craftsmanship, so it is more likely to withstand a little abuse if your pet decides to break some of your house rules. A great option is microfibre, as this doesn’t pull if scratched, and it is harder to puncture, so it is more likely to resist the damaging effects of pet scratching.

Guard Your Lounge

It is almost impossible to watch what your pet is doing 24/7, so it is a good idea to guard your new lounge as much as possible. Harmless deterrents can be used to discourage your pet from getting too comfortable with your new lounge. For example, both cats and dogs have natural aversions to specific scents that are pleasant to the human senses. Animals have a keener sense of smell, so these odours are unpleasant to cats and dogs. For example, using lavender, menthol or citrus based products on and around your lounge will repel your pet and remind them to keep a little distance from your new lounge.
If you are concerned about your pet going on the lounge while you’re out of the house, consider using a throw. This can be spread over the lounge to minimise exposure and shield the furniture from any unpredictable behaviour.

Spoil Them With Goodies

Finally, remember that distraction can be your friend. You can distract your pets by spoiling them with a few goodies. Upgrade their pet bed to something warm and comfortable, so they are more likely to retreat to there. Scratching is often a sign of your pet trying to relieve stress or boredom, so creating a haven for them will reduce this risk.

If you are looking for a modular sofa, Perth based Chaise Sofas is here to help. We have a fantastic selection of modular lounges and sofas, and our team would be delighted to help.

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