How to Measure For Sectional Corner Lounge Suites

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A corner lounge with chaise has become a must have for any home. These types of lounges are flexible enough to suit any shape of room, but only if you have measured your space correctly.

Corner Lounge With Chaise

Take Measurements of Your Space

Corner lounge suites are great to maximise seating space, but they can be a challenge to place in some rooms. This means that you need to ensure that you are fully aware of your available space. Record the width and length of your room, taking note of the placement and height of windows. If you’re thinking about placing your new couch under the window, you need to ensure that it won’t obstruct it.


Decide on Your Seating Requirements

There are many configurations of corner lounge suites, so you need to think about your seating requirements. While the size of your room will influence your choice of corner sofa, you need to think about whether a two seater with chaise is sufficient for your requirements or if you need a larger unit. Conduct a little research and take note of some measurements. You’ll need to look at the overall length and width of models to provide an example of sizing.


Plan Out Your Space

There are a number of methods to plan out your space, so you can choose the one best suited to your preferences. Some people opt for the digital technique using graphics programs, while others prefer the old pen and paper. If you are particularly visually challenged, you may like to tape the area. Using painter’s or masking tape will allow you to mark off the floor and see how much space will be available with your new sofa. You can also see how your new sofa will interact with other items of furniture, such as other seating or end tables. If you’re not sure about the final sofa placement, you can create a template using newspaper that can be moved around the room. It is essential to have a picture in your mind of how and where your new sofa will fit, so you can be sure it’s the right one for your home.


Measure Up For Delivery

Once you’ve decided on the type of sofa you’ll be purchasing; you’ll need to measure up for delivery. Measure your halls and doorways, tracing a path through which the new sofa will be carried during delivery. Take a note of narrow areas and keep these measurements handy during your shopping trip. The sales staff will be able to advise you of models where the legs can be removed to make delivery easier.

If you are considering a corner sofa, Perth based Chaise Sofas is ready to help. We have a massive choice of corner lounge suites and would be delighted to help you find your ideal new sofa.

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