Ideas for Decorating Around a White Corner Lounge: Perth Pro Tips

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White corner lounges can add a touch of elegance to any living area. Your new white L shaped couch can make your room feel brighter and cleaner. Unfortunately, many people find it a little daunting to decorate around a white sofa without creating a stark aesthetic. So, before you change your mind about a white corner lounge, here at Chaise Sofas, we have some tips to help you plan your decor.

White Corner Lounge

Use Tones and Colours

When dealing with a white corner lounge, we often recommend using tones and colours to coordinate with this attractive focal point. If you have a large room and you want to make it look cosier, try adding bright colours, while neutral shades will help to open up a smaller space.  Even if you want to stick to white, bear in mind that there are actually lots of subtle white shades that can be used to add variety to your decor theme and plenty of different textures to add interest.

Coordinate With White Curtains

If you want to carry a white theme through your room, you should consider coordinating with white curtains. This will create a consistent theme and draw attention to the lightest and brightest areas of your room. Remember that you can create different effects with white curtains: long curtains with valances will suit classic room styles while textured white curtains can add depth to a minimalist, modern look.

Use Cushions for Pops of Colour

White corner lounges can make an excellent canvas for pops of colour in the form of cushions. Even if you want to maintain a neutral look, you can use neutral colours or earthy tones for your cushions. Your cushions can coordinate with rugs, lamps and other decorative touches for a nice balance to prevent your white sofa looking out of place. Just remember to keep your area rug smaller, as a large rug will break up your floor lines. However, a small white rug will keep the room aesthetics light, without overwhelming the space.

Choose the Right Coffee Table

A coffee table can add a nice touch to any living area, but when you have a white L Shaped couch, it can not only add functionality but also a great contrast. For a neutral look, you can opt for a glass table, or if you want to add some warmth to the room decor, choose a rich, wood coffee table. If you have a smaller room, you may even prefer a coffee table with concealed storage to keep your room clutter free.

Showcase Wall Decorations

Finally, you can complete the look by showcasing some wall art. A large framed print or a collection of artwork can inject some personality into your room and highlight your unique flair. Whether you opt for black and white art to emphasise a monotone theme or coordinate with bold, soft furnishings by featuring a bright, and bold print, wall decorations can tie your entire decorating theme together. Your choice of artwork can also provide a conversation starter when you have friends over to enjoy your beautiful new lounge. For more information on choosing the right interiors and sofa for your living space, contact Chaise Sofas today.

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