Osko. A whole new way to pay and get paid.

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Osko by BPAY, makes it faster than ever for people to pay each other and get paid, securely through their online banking. Money can be sent and received in under a minute via a PayID or BSB and account number between participating Osko banks and financial institutions.

There’s no need to download anything new or go through a complex sign up process to create new logins. The Osko logo will also appear at the end of the transaction to let you know your payment has gone faster.

What is it?

  • Osko is a whole new way to pay and get paid.
  • With Osko, you can pay, with money in their account in under a minute, 24/7 and even on weekends between participating banks and financial institutions.
  • Osko is already in existing online banking channels, typically as part of ‘Pay Anyone,’ so there’s no need to download anything new to start using it. Most Australians can say Hello Osko in their banking today.
  • Osko is now available at over 60 participating financial institutions
  • Osko payments can be sent to either a PayID or BSB and account number.
  • Using a PayID offers the added benefit of being able to see the name of the person you are paying before you make the payment

About Osko by BPAY

Osko launched through Financial Institutions from February 2018, the first product to be built on Australia’s New Payments Platform. It complements BPAY within online and mobile banking environments by offering a fast payment service across over 60 banks and financial institutions.

For more information about Osko visit Osko.com

What is a PayID?

PayID is an easy to-remember identifier, like a phone number, email address or an ABN.

When you want to transfer funds to an account, you can use a PayID instead of having to remember a BSB and account number (and you can still use Osko with a PayID if you want in most banks).

Find out more at PayID.com.au

How do I pay for my Chaise Sofa using Osko?

Just use our PayID, which is our ABN 65 651 241 235, or BSB and account number. When you pay someone for the first time, a verification step may be necessary.

How fast is an Osko payment?

Most Osko payments are made securely in under a minute. At some banks, there might be a delay on first time payments to allow for security checks. All future payments should be received in under a minute. Check with your bank for more details.

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