Bonded Leather Sofas, Couches and Lounges

If your budget cannot quite stretch to genuine leather lounges, Australian homeowners need not despair as there are bonded leather lounge suites available that can offer a more economical choice. In fact, as part of our leather lounge sale, we have a number of bonded leather models that can offer a great deal. The term bonded leather often confuses consumers, as they wonder if it is leather or just a “fake” like vinyl. Fortunately, our team at Chaise Sofas is happy to explain the differences.

What is Bonded Leather?

While leather lounges are often quite costly, bonded leather is usually a far more economical choice. The reason for this is how the product is manufactured. Bonded leather is actual leather, but unlike higher quality products it is not made from one piece of hide. Since leather is made from animal hides, it is not a uniform sheet. This means that when the manufacturer makes a sofa, chair or clothing, there is always a great deal of waste. These cutoffs and smaller pieces of leather are used to make bonded leather items.

The pieces of leather are collected and taken to a specialised factory to make bonded leather. This process involves grinding the pieces together in a special machine and mixing them with polyurethane. This creates a leather product that not only looks but also smells like a 100% genuine leather item. In fact, it can be very difficult for an average consumer to tell a bonded leather lounge from one made from a real cut piece of leather.

Why Choose Bonded Leather?

When choosing bonded leather lounges, Australian consumers will enjoy significant financial savings. If you are on a more restricted budget, you can still enjoy a fantastically stylish leather sofa without compromise.

Our range of bonded leather couches and lounge suites offer a comfortable and affordable option. However, there are also a number of additional benefits. Firstly bonded leather lounge suites are not only stylish but are durable, strong and easy to care for. With a quick wipe with a soft cloth, you can clean up any accidental spills or keep your new sofa looking like new.

Another benefit of good quality bonded leather is that a number of different components are added into the fabric mixture. This includes nylon hand other components to increase the softness and feel of the sofa. This not only improves the aesthetics and tactile quality of the sofa, but it also reduces that stick factor you will find with a leather model. If you have ever sat on a leather sofa on a hot day, you are likely to have found that your skin stuck when you tried to get up. Bonded leather does not have this same temperature effect, so you can enjoy sitting on your new sofa throughout the whole year.

The beauty of a bonded leather sofa is that it has all the aesthetic appeal of genuine leather, yet provides you with a friendlier price tag. Another bonus is that this fabric is much softer than its counterpart, which can have a stiff feel.

Delivery of your Bonded Leather Lounge in Perth or around Australia

If you are seeking quality and convenience in your next furniture purchase, Chaise Sofa can provide both. We deliver all of our couches, chaises and ottomans flat packed and free of charge to most major cities around the country, and assembly is easy! With a beautiful collection of leather lounges Perth side, let us be your first port of call for fabulous furniture.

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