Sofa Beds and Adjustable Sofas

Add flexibility to your home furnishings with this fine collection of contemporary designed adjustable sofas and chairs are also known as futons or click-clacks. An ideal choice for a variety of rooms, and those unexpected guests.

A sofa bed provides the ultimate versatility for any home. Whether you are looking for an occasional bed for a guest or need a convertible sofa to create additional sleeping space in a smaller home, this combo of a sofa and a bed can save money and space. Chaise Sofas has a wide variety of models, which provide two pieces of fantastic furniture in one. From the conventional pull out sofa to convertible sofas, there is a sofa bed perfect for your requirements and home aesthetics.

Choosing Sofa Bed Deals:

Before choosing your new sofa bed, you will need to consider where it will be situated in your home. You will need to allow enough space for the sofa to be foldable into a bed. If space is limited, it may influence your choice, and you may need to consider a futon style smaller model rather than a traditional, adjustable sofa. Fortunately, we have a wide choice of styles, so you can tailor your new furniture for your home. You can match your new sofa to the existing decor in your home. This will not only showcase your new purchase but can add to the overall flair as the centrepiece of your room.

Your New Sofa Bed:

Chaise Sofas has a wide selection of foldable and convertible sofas, so you will find the ideal model. You will find models that made a fantastic everyday sofa with a rounded backrest and cushioned armrests. However, if your sofa bed will be used more frequently as a bed, you will find a model that has a spring coil or high density foam mattress. You will also find that we have models which feature storage space, that can be great for having spare blankets, pillows, and sheets on hand. Remember that younger children weigh less than adults and require far less support. Older guests may require greater support and a foam mattress may not be sufficient. So, it is worth considering who will be sleeping on the bed, before making your final purchase decision. With a sofa bed, you can add flexibility and practicality to your home decor and furnishings. With the Chaise Sofas collection of contemporary adjustable sofas, you will find an ideal choice for your room and any unexpected guests. Our range of sofas will ensure that you can enjoy everyday comfort with a restful night’s sleep. So, regardless of whether you are looking for a sofa bed for your teenager’s bedroom, a guest room or your main living area, there is a model waiting for you at Chaise Sofas. If you are shopping for sofa beds, Perth based Chaise Sofas would be delighted to help. We have some fantastic deals on all types of foldable, adjustable and convertible sofa beds. Whether you are looking for an occasional spare bed in your sofa or you need an additional bed for frequent use, you will find that we have an unrivalled selection. The Chaise Sofas team would be happy to answer any questions and help you to choose the model best suited to your room requirements and needs.