Are Linen Couches a Viable Choice for a Family?

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A busy family, with children, pets and visitors, can be hard on your furniture, especially your couch. All the usual culprits, such as feet on the couch, messy paw prints and sticky fingers, can contribute to the degradation. For these reasons, many people believe that a family seating area has to have a leather couch to be hard wearing enough. Of course, this is an option, but for those people that don’t like leather is fabric a viable alternative? Let’s take a closer look at how linen covered furniture has evolved to handle even the most demanding families.

Cleaning Linen

Mixing linen couches with kids and pets has typically been a bad idea in the past, but that is not the case today. While leather couches may appear to be a better option for dirty pet paws and messy little fingers, it is still possible to enjoy a stylish fabric couch. However, you will need to be prepared with some cleaning techniques. In order to keep your linen couches looking showroom new, you will need to ensure that it is regularly vacuumed. This will keep particles of dust out of the fabric, to maintain a brighter appearance. If there are any stains or marks, you will need to blot with a white cloth to soak up the stain. Don’t be tempted to rub at the mark as this can cause even more damage. If the mark has dried, use a little distilled water to aid in blotting.

Choosing the Right Couch:

Of course, even if you have the right cleaning techniques mastered, you still need to choose the right couch. When considering linen couches, you need to not only look at the size and style of the couch, but also the practicalities. Try choosing a couch that has removable covers for the seat pads. These can be taken off the couch and cleaned periodically to maintain the aesthetic. Even if you need to have the covers professionally cleaned or dry cleaned, it will still allow you to enjoy your stylish new couch.

Another alternative is to choose a linen look couch. There are some fantastic synthetic fabrics around that not only have an authentic linen look, but also have higher resistance to soiling and fading. For example, some of our linen couches are upholstered with Prado fabric that is designed to have a high resistance to damage from the rigours of family life.

White Linen Sofa

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