The Different Style of Sofas

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We all have a pretty firm grip on what a sofa is, right? I mean, how tricky can it get? Don’t be fooled; like dogs, sofas come in all shapes and sizes, and knowing what you’re looking for is half the battle!

As one of the premier destinations for sofas in Perth, WA, we thought it only fair that we share a little of our knowledge with you. So, here’s out handy Field Guide to the Sofas of Perth.

The Classic Couch

There’s something so reassuringly familiar about the good ol’ couch. Usually appearing in its cozy two-seater and classic three-seater forms, this kind of couch has seen countless families through the good times and the hard times. Identify it by its long, comfy seat, sturdy back, and big arms at either end. Nothing beats the classics.

The Corner Lounge Suite

It’s a twist (or should we say bend?) on the classic couch. The corner suite is designed to hug the walls of your living area and maximise your seating space. With the 90 degree turn, it’s also a great social seat, with guests able to face each other for comfortable conversations.

The Chaise Lounge

The chaise lounge takes inspiration from the classic chaise longue, which you might recognise as the classic therapist’s recline (so how do you feel about that?). These days, the chaise lounge takes the form of a modified corner suite, with the back of one arm falling away to allow for space to comfortably accommodate stretching out your legs. And it’s our namesake!

The Ottoman

Ah, the Ottoman. The lost puppy of the sofa kingdom, and in many ways it's best kept secret.

Ottomans are the perfect companion to almost any lounge suite, providing a fantastically versatile platform. Is it a foot stool? Yes! Is it a coffee table? Yes! Is it a seat in it’s own right? You bet it is. The ottoman is limited only by your imagination.

The Sofa Bed

We’ve got a crazy idea. Stop us if you’ve heard of it before. What if a sofa could transform into a bed? Oh, you have heard of it? No surprise, since the sofa bed is one of last century’s most important inventions (right alongside the space shuttle and nuclear power, or should that be TV and smartphone?). The sofa bed’s economical and compact design has seen it sleep millions of surprise guests, and it ain’t stopping anytime soon.

So now that you’ve got a handle on the basic styles of sofa, you’re ready to shop! Looking around for a great deal on a cheap sofa in Perth? Might we introduce ourselves? For five years, Chaise Sofas has been helping Perth families find their new sofas without breaking the bank. We’re now shipping Australia wide, so check out our range online today!

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