Disposing of Your Old Sofa, Couch or Lounge Suite

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A question often asked when buying a new chaise sofa, couch, corner lounge or lounge suite is what to do with the old furniture that is being replaced.

Being such a large item, it is quite common for people not to know where to even start when it comes to disposing of an old sofa or lounge suite. There are a number of options that can be considered, depending on the age, condition and value of your unwanted couch.

If your lounge suite is still in good condition you could try to sell the item. A number of online sites are available for advertising ‘For Sale’ items, with the most common being Gumtree and Facebook, where there are also a range of community pages dedicated to the re-gifting economy. Should you simply just want to get rid of the old sofa you can always give it away to family or friends, or advertise the sofa available ‘Free of Charge’.

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If you’re really having trouble working out how to dispose of your old sofa or lounge suite you may consider donating it to a charity. Contacting Op Shops or Charity Stores such as the Good Samaritans, Salvation Army, Save the Children, Anglicare, Vinnies, Red Cross is a great way to recycle and help others in need. The charity may be able to collect and remove the old couch for you. They then sell the item to help fund their operating costs, whilst offering good value furniture to those in need of a helping hand.

A sofa that has passed its ‘Use by Date’ may be best just simply disposed of. Contacting your local Council is often the best place to seek advice on the disposal of large unwanted items. Many Councils offer a local collection of large items, either by arrangement or periodic verge collections. Some Councils offer a free mini-skip, delivered to your home, for such collections. Not only can you dispose of your old sofa, you can also dispose of other unwanted items at the same time. If you’re able to transport the item yourself then you may be entitled to a tip pass from your Council. If not, you can simply take the couch to the tip and pay a small fee.

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