How Modular Lounges Can Transform Your Living Room Completely

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While many argue that the kitchen is the heart of the home, your living room is where you share time with family and friends. A living room allows you to showcase your taste and personal style, and it can be completely transformed by the right modular lounges. So, here we’ll explore how you can create a stylish and comfortable space in your home.

Modular Lounges From Chaise Sofas 

Transform Your Space with Colour

Colour can have a massive impact on the ambiance of your living space. If your room feels crowded or small, a lighter coloured modular lounge can create a greater feeling of space. As the largest item of furniture in your room, the colour of modular lounges needs to be carefully considered. If you have a smaller space, consider cream, white or pastel shades to create a big impact on the entire room.


Plan Your Layout

One of the biggest advantages of modular lounges in Perth, is the ability to enjoy a flexible layout. Your lounge is the most used item of living room furniture, so it needs to be positioned correctly to ensure the right feel of the room. A modular lounge can be configured to open up the room with an against the wall layout, or you can use a chaise to create a division between relaxation and dining areas. The right layout can allow more light into your room to make it feel more spacious and open. Additionally, you have the flexibility to have enough seating for your current needs with a potential for expansion as needed later. So, there is no need to crowd your room with furniture that isn’t needed or try to cram a traditional sofa into a smaller space.


Add Style and Sophistication

If you have a smaller living room, a massive and blocky sofa will immediately dominate the space and make it feel even smaller. Fortunately, you can choose modular lounges with modern, clean lines that create an uncluttered and sophisticated style. If you want to create an elevated design, you could opt for a high leg model that will lift the lounge off the floor to create the impression of even more space. When you can see more of your flooring, it will provide an illusion of more space and create a stylish finish.


Don’t Forget the Accessories

Finally, don’t forget the finishing touches to your new lounge with cushions and other soft furnishings. Those finishing touches will tie together your decor and create an atmosphere where your guests won’t be able to wait to sit down and relax.

If you would like to know more about modular lounges in Perth, Chaise Sofas is ready to help. We have a massive choice of sofas including some fantastic modular lounges. Our sales team is also on hand to answer any queries and help you to choose the right model for your unique personal style and preferences.

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