Facts You Should Consider When Shopping for Chaise Lounges

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One of the most crucial aspects of choosing a new chaise lounge sofa is selecting the right fabric. A great fabric will not only set the tone for your room decor, but it will fit your lifestyle. With so many factors affecting your choice of lounge fabric, there are some facts you should consider before making a purchase decision.

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You Need to Survive Changing Decor Trends

Ideally, you would design a room decor and choose a chaise lounge to complement it, allowing you to enjoy your room forever. However, at some point, in a year or several years, you’ll want to make some changes. Unfortunately, changing chaise lounges on a whim is not practical, so you need to choose a model that can survive changing decor trends. You need to think beyond your current room style and choose a model that will complement different styles and designs. Classic fabrics in neutral shades are the most versatile, but even bold colours can allow you to change your room decor later.

Your Lighting Will Affect the Appearance

Lighting plays a vital role in the way chaise lounges will look in your room. So, when you choose a new lounge, you need to think about how your lighting will affect the appearance. It is unlikely that your room will have bright showroom lights, so it is a good idea to obtain a fabric swatch. This will allow you to see how the fabric will look in your room.

It Will Age

It is also important to consider that every fabric choice will age, so you need to be prepared for how this will impact its appearance. For example, leather can develop an attractive aged look, as the fabric wears, but bright fabric prints may start to fade over time. It is important to note that if you look at chaise lounges with removable, washable covers, that the fabric will be affected by repeated washing. Additionally, if you have a room with ample bright, natural light there is a chance of fading. However, as the fabric changes with time, it may add charm and character to your room. So, be sure to look at how a fabric will change to ensure that these changes will work in your decor scheme.

Fabric Swatches are Not the Same as Lounges

Although you may fall in complete love with a fabric swatch, this doesn’t mean that it’s the right choice for your new lounge. A swatch is only a small sample of fabric, but your new lounge will be a large piece of furniture. This means that a very busy pattern can look overwhelming in your space. It tends to be a better idea to stick to solid colours, which are easier on the eye, and remember you can add touches of bold patterns like your swatch in the form of cushions and other smaller accessories.

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