Colour Options for Corner Lounges to Provide Flexible Decorating Options

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Corner lounge suites can be the central feature in any family room. This type of furniture is an investment designed to last many years, but it can be problematic if you want to redecorate. Of course, you don’t want to go shopping for corner lounges every time you change your wall colour or accessories, so here we’ll explore the best colour options for the most flexible decorating options.

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Cream and White

White or cream corner lounges are a timeless classic. You can accessorise white corner lounge suites with virtually any other colour. The only limitation is creating an entirely white room, as it can appear cold and stark. White can be paired with bold colours for a fun look or more classic tones for an air of sophistication and elegance. If you do opt for a white corner lounge, be sure to choose a fabric that is easy to clean and stain resistant.


Just like white, black is a classic colour for lounge suites. Black is a sophisticated shade that can be dressed up or down. If you want to create a sophisticated aesthetic, pair your black lounge with creams, grey or muted tones. However, black also looks wonderful with bold shades such as reds, greens or even purple. A black lounge can also be very forgiving for stains and spills if you have a busy family home with children prone to having little accidents.

Brown Tones

While the colour brown may sound uninspiring, this family of tones is actually warm and neutral. Stone, camel or tan are just some of the shades in this colour category that can work well with autumn colours or bolder tones. If you want to create a cosy, inviting space, think browns, light oranges, creams, and beiges. However, you can also create a bold statement by teaming brown corner lounge suites with green, yellow or pink. This colour category may not be as popular as the classic white or black, but it can create a dramatic statement that can be showcased with many different tones.


Just like brown, grey offers a rainbow of shades that look fantastic with warm woods, chalky tones or stone textures. Light grey tends to work very well with a colourful wall as a backdrop, while darker grey can be paired with jewel tones. While many associate grey with being dull or boring, it can actually have a great deal of personality and allow you to make a strong interior design statement.

Muted Tones

Finally, if you want the most flexible colour option for your corner lounge suites, consider muted tones. Muted colours tend to be quite neutral shades that can provide colour to your living room without overwhelming the area. A muted shade is typically neutral enough to provide a touch of colour to complement your decor theme. For example, a slightly green or yellow corner lounge can allow you to accessorise in darker shades or team with bolder colours. This can provide a tasteful colour scheme that accentuates your decor style.

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