Four Signs You Need to Consider New Chaise Lounges

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Today, consumers tend to upgrade almost everything. While you may upgrade your smartphone, laptop, and car every couple of years, you may not have thought about upgrading your furniture in a while. Chaise lounges tend to have more sentimental attachment than our phone or car, as they almost feel like part of the family. Your chaise lounge may carry memories of your children learning to walk leaning on it or cuddling up for a romantic evening as a newlywed. Unfortunately, when it comes to their chaise lounge, Perth homeowners often forget that it may have been years since it was purchased and it is actually ready for an upgrade.

Chaise lounges

It’s Sagging

Even the best chaise lounges can only hold up for so long. Take a look at your lounge and see if it is actually sagging. While you may be used to finding a particular position with the most padding to get comfortable, look at it from a visitors perspective. If you sit down in a different place, do you feel like you’re falling to the floor? In most cases, it is not economical to try to replace the framework of a piece of furniture, so it may be time to start shopping for a new one.

You’ve Had a Flood or Fire

Fire and flood is one of the leading causes of furniture being damaged beyond repair. Even a minor fire can cause irreparable smoke damage to soft furnishings like your chaise lounge. The smoke is absorbed into the fabric, leaving a pungent odour that is almost impossible to remove. In some ways, flooding is even worse; the moisture from the flood may dry up, but inside your chaise, the damp conditions have encouraged the growth of mould. This can be detrimental to the chaise and your health, as mould exposure has been linked to respiratory conditions and other health issues. So, if you’ve had a fire or flood, it may be worth thinking about replacing your chaise lounge.

There’s a Strange Smell

When you take great pride in keeping your home fresh and clean, it can be disconcerting when there is a lingering smell inside your home. Unfortunately, your chaise lounge may be the hidden culprit. Over time, stains and odours can seep into furnishings, particularly if the cushions haven’t been regularly cleaned. Upholstery can absorb odours like a sponge and eventually these are released into the room. While you may not notice it initially, if you’ve been away from home and notice a strange smell on your return, it could be time to investigate a new chaise.

There’s Pet Damage

We all love our four legged family members, but cats are notorious for sharpening their claws on furniture and dogs love to chew anything. This maltreatment and the occasional “accident” can take its toll on your chaise lounge. Unfortunately, these issues are not easily repaired and the only viable answer is to buy a new one.  

If you’re considering a new chaise lounge, Perth based Chaise sofas is here to help. We have a fantastic selection of sofas, chaise lounges, and corner suites, and our team would be delighted to help you find the ideal new item for your home.

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