Considerations for Choosing Fabric Modular Lounges

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When it comes to buying modular lounges, Perth consumers often find themselves spoilt for choice. Whether you prefer micro suede, leather or linen, there is a fabric choice to suit your requirements. However, each type of fabric has its own characteristics and advantages, so here are some considerations for making your final purchase decision on your choice of modular lounges.

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For some, durability is not a massive issue, but each home has different needs. Whether durability is a priority will depend on how the room and modular lounges will be used. For example, if you have children and pets, durability is likely to be a great priority, but if you only use the room for reading or entertaining guests, it may not be a concern. Fortunately, leather is one of the most durable materials that still looks fantastic. Leather is easy to clean, and any spills can be easily wiped away. The only potential downside is that longer animal claws may cause scratches. So, if you have pets, you may need to ensure that they are regularly trimmed to avoid damage.

The Colour

While there are some wild fabrics around with bold prints and bright colours, you need to think about whether this is the right choice for your home. Although some types of fabric do lend themselves to a more casual aesthetic, you don’t want to have to upgrade your lounge if that bang on trend colour falls out of favour. Remember that the colour of your new lounge is likely to be the first thing you notice when you enter the room. So, while you may want to make a strong impact, you don’t want your lounge to stand out for the wrong reasons.

Generally, it is a good idea to choose a neutral colour that can be teamed with different colours if you redecorate. Remember that you can always add pops of colour with cushions and other accessories. Dark colours tend to work well if you have pets or children, as any spills are more easy to conceal. You may regret opting for a delicate shade if your child likes to wander around with a glass of juice or your dog likes to jump up after a walk.

The Right Style

While modular lounges tend to be the star of any room, they still need to complement or match your existing decor. So, it is vital to choose a lounge style and colour that matches the style of your room. If you’ve got a traditional style home, an ultra modern, sleek lounge is likely to look out of place. Unless you’re planning on updating the entire room, take a look at your existing decoration to ensure that your new lounge will complement the features and blend seamlessly into the decor.

If you’re considering modular lounges, Perth based Chaise Sofas is here to help. We offer a fantastic choice of modular lounges, sofas, and suites. Our team members would be delighted to discuss your requirements and help you to find the ideal sofa for your needs.

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