How New Modular Lounges Can Transform Your Living Room

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While many consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home, your living room is likely to be the room most used by your family and friends. Your living room allows you to showcase your personal taste and style. Regardless of whether you live in a house or an apartment, you can transform your living room with modular lounges.


Transforming With Colour

If you have a smaller living room, it can feel crowded and dominated by a large modular sofa. However, if you introduce lighter colours, it can immediately create a feeling of space. Cream, white or even pastel coloured modular sofas can still offer plenty of seating, but they make the room feel more spacious, particularly if you coordinate your new sofa with other lighter soft furnishings and accessories.


Transform Your Layout

Since your sofa is typically the most used item of living room furniture, how it is positioned can affect the feel of your room. If you’ve placed your sofa in the middle of the room and is surrounded by other pieces of furniture, it may make your room feel smaller and create awkward spaces that are not being properly used. Putting your sofa against a wall can open up the room and create more usable space. This may also allow more natural light in your living room, creating a more open feeling.

Modular lounges can also help you to create a whole new layout. For example, if you want to create a distinct dining area, you can use an L shaped modular sofa to create a boundary. The long side of your lounge can appear as a room divider, particularly if you coordinate with a rug to further define the area.


Creating a Style

If you want to create an uncluttered style in your living room with modern, clean lines, you should opt for a simple style of sofa. Bulky sofas can make a small room feel even smaller, making the space feel cramped and dark. You can accentuate this modern look with an elevated sofa that has high legs. By lifting the sofa from the ground, it creates an illusion of space, as more floor space allows more light and gives an impression of space.


Don’t Forget the Accessories

While your modular sofa is an important feature of your decor, you’ll still need to tie it into the overall room style. This means that you’ll need to use accessories. Use bold cushions to highlight a colour in your rug or coordinate with curtains. Add a throw rug to define the space and create a warm, cosy feel. However, just take care not too over accessorise. Too many items can create a cluttered, overcrowded feeling that makes guests feel as if there is no room for them to sit down. Unless you want to have to move things constantly, try to curb your enthusiasm and stick to several really nice pieces rather than dozens of okay items.

If you’re considering a modular sofa, you should speak to us. We have a wide range of modular lounges and suites. You’ll also find the Chaise Sofas team ready to answer any queries to help you find the ideal sofa for your room.

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