The Pros and Cons of Chaise Lounges

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Decorating a room can be an exciting proposition, and if you’re planning your living room, you’re likely to be aware that the entire room will revolve around the sofa. Chaise lounges have been increasing in popularity in recent years, so here we’ll explore the pros and cons of these sofa options.


The Pros

Given the shape of chaise lounges, the main advantage of this type of sofa is that the corners are used fully. Corners are often a problematic space in a living room and may end up with a table that is rarely used, just to fill the space. A chaise lounge will allow you to enjoy seating into an awkward corner in your room to make the best use of your space. Despite this incredible potential, a chaise lounge can also provide additional seating. While the elongated chaise can be used to recline when you want to enjoy a relaxing movie night, it can offer more seating if you have visitors or the whole family around.

Some chaise lounges also provide storage space. A storage chest under the seats or inside the lounge can not only be used to keep the room tidy, but it can be a handy place to store spare bedding and pillows for an unexpected overnight guest. Some models even fold out into a bed, making them even more practical in a busy home.


The Cons

When it comes to the chaise lounge, Perth homeowners need to bear in mind that there are some potential cons to this style of sofa. Chaise lounges offer some fantastic benefits, but they may not be the right choice for your home. Lounge suites are available in a variety of size, but if you have limited space, it may not be the best option. When you lack floor space, it may be better to choose a standard sofa and a footstool that can be moved around if needed.

Another potential con of lounge suites is that they can be tricky to move. If you get itchy feet and like to move home every year or two, you may find a chaise lounge difficult to relocate. Some of these models feature a fixed chaise, which makes it harder to move compared to a conventional sofa. This potential disadvantage can be negated by choosing a modular lounge that can be moved in separate pieces and reconnected in your new room. A modular lounge will also allow you to add new sections if you find that your new home has larger dimensions and can accommodate even more seating.

Chaise lounges are an excellent option for many homes, but as with any new sofa, it is important that you take accurate measurements to ensure that your room can comfortably accommodate your chosen lounge.

If you’re considering a chaise lounge in Perth, Chaise Sofas is ready to help. We offer a wide selection of sofas, chaise lounges, and suites. You’ll also find the Chaise Sofas team prepared to answer any queries or questions to help you to discover the ideal model for your home.

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