How to Choose Your New Corner Lounge

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With the range of leather, fabric and micro suede lounges available, it can be a challenge to choose a new corner lounge. Many buyers find themselves a little overwhelmed when they start their shopping, as they struggle to choose a model that is the best suited to the unique characteristics and requirements of their home. Fortunately, we are here to help and can guide you through the process of choosing your new lounge.

Fabric, Leather or Micro Suede Lounges?

The first step of choosing your new corner lounge is determining what fabric you would like. While this is a personal preference, there are some advantages and disadvantages associated with the different materials. Fabric sofas tend to be less expensive, but can be less durable than leather. A good compromise is a microsuede lounge. Microsuede is a becoming a popular choice for corner lounge suites and sofas. It is a man made fabric that provides some amazing advantages. Microsuede consists of millions of fine fibres to create the soft texture of natural suede, but without the drawbacks of real suede leather. While the surface may feel like suede, the microfibres have been created to be inherently stain resistant and extremely durable.

Flexibility of Configuration:

Another important consideration for your new corner lounge is the flexibility of its configuration. While you may be confident that you want a certain size of corner lounge suite right now, is there a possibility to expand if your family grows? What about if you move home? Could you buy additional suite components to ensure that your new suite stands the test of time? Even something as simple as having a reversible chaise could make all the difference to the flexibility of your new lounge. This will allow you to make changes in your room when you update your decor or need to accommodate additional furniture items.


Finally, you need to consider what warranty is offered with the lounge suite. You may see a microsuede lounge for sale at an amazing price, but does it provide you with the reassurance of a warranty? You may regret saving a few dollars if your new corner lounge develops a problem a few weeks after delivery. A warranty can provide peace of mind that is priceless. So, be sure to check what warranty is offered with any sofa or lounge before making a purchase decision. All Chaise Sofas suites and lounges are offered with a full twelve month warranty, so you can have complete confidence in your new purchase.

If you are shopping for a corner lounge, Perth based Chaise Sofas is ready to help. We have a fantastic range of corner lounge suites including micro suede lounges. Visit our showroom or check out our online store, and you will find our team would be delighted to help you.

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