Choosing the Right Armless Sofa Chair

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An armless chair can be an attractive focal point in any room of your home. However, if you are choosing armless chairs for living room use you may wonder about what fabric to choose. While you will want to create an attractive feature, your new chairs will need to stand up to the rigours of daily family use. So, here is some help to guide you through choosing the right model.

Think Colour:

When considering armless chairs, Australian homeowners often think about matching their existing sofa. This can mean a dreary task of trying to match fabric samples. However, you can inject a little colour and create a wonderful contrast. Since your armless sofa chair is a separate piece, don’t be afraid of allowing it to stand out with a bold colour choice. Even something as simple as choosing a black chair to contrast your white or beige sofa can look striking.


Another important consideration for making any purchase decision is the cost, and this will affect your choice of fabric. Leather chairs are very attractive, but they can cost three times more than a fabric equivalent. However, before you dismiss a fabric choice based on its cost, think about its longevity. Some cheaper fabrics are far less durable, so you could end up needing to replace your chair much sooner.


Your armless sofa chair is not just a style statement; it will also need to be a comfortable place to rest. Whether you like to curl up and read a book or relax watching a movie, your new chair will need to provide you with optimum comfort. Since this design of chair doesn’t have arms, you will need to ensure that the structure of the chair provides sufficient support. Have a seat in a few different styles to check which is best suited to your personal preferences.

Care Instructions:

Finally, you need to consider what care is required to keep your new chair looking in great condition. Certain fabrics can be vulnerable to stains as spills and dirt are absorbed directly into the fabric. This can mean that they can start to look grubby very quickly in a busy household. If you have pets or children in your home, you will need to consider the care instructions to check if your new piece can be protected. While leather does require conditioning periodically, it can have greater resistance to spills and stains.

This can make your new chair far more durable in the long term.

Tyneham Black Leather Corner

If you are considering armless chairs, Australia based Chaise Sofas is ready to help. We have a range of armless chairs for living room, bedroom or home study use. We would be delighted to help you to find the perfect armless sofa chair for your home.

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