How to Clean Leather Lounge Suites

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Leather lounge suites add a touch of elegance to any home, but you need to keep your sofa in good condition to maintain its great looks. Maintaining and cleaning leather can be tricky, as it simply cannot be wiped down using a wet cloth. In fact, if you use the wrong cleaning product, you could ruin your fantastic suite. So, here we will explore some simple ways to clean your leather suite at home.


General Cleaning

The first step of cleaning any leather sofa is to vacuum the piece using a soft brush attachment. You’ll need to suck any dirt from the crevices, or this grime and dust could be rubbed into the leather. Particles of dust are abrasive, so they can cause damage to the leather, particularly if they are in contact with moisture.

You’ll now need a cleaning solution. You can either use a commercial leather cleaner or create your own with a mixture of white vinegar and water. Use a microfibre or other soft cloth to dip into the solution and then wring it out. You want the cloth to be damp rather than wet. Wipe down the whole suite, rinsing the cloth in your cleaning solution periodically. It is a good idea to clean from the top down to avoid drips and runs. Use a clean, soft towel to dry the suite.

Once the suite is clean, you’ll need to condition the leather. Again, you can use a commercial product or create a mixture of linseed oil and white vinegar. This should be applied using a clean, soft cloth and leave it on overnight.

The following day, you can use a clean rag to buff the leather and restore the shine. 

Spot Cleaning

Particular stains or spots on leather lounge suites can be a challenge, and you’ll need to take care to treat each stain in a specific way. Mould or mildew can be removed with a rubbing alcohol and water mixture, but this will not be sufficient for other marks and stains.

Baby wipes, toothpaste, and aerosol hairspray can be effective stain removers for marker stains and other marks, but you’ll need to test your cleaning method in a hidden area. Some products can alter the colour of the leather, which can compromise the overall aesthetic.

You can also use baking soda to absorb any oil from grease stains. The baking soda can be sprinkled over the area and left for a few hours. You can then dust off the baking soda to leave a clean finish.

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