Key Questions to Ask When Shopping for Bonded Leather Sofas

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With such a massive choice of leather lounges, it can be very easy to get a little carried away when shopping. While you may consider factors such as the colour and style, there are some key questions to ask that you may have overlooked.




Will it fit through my door?

It doesn’t matter how spectacular the choice of leather lounge is, if you can’t get it inside your home. Before you make any purchase decisions, you need to look at how you will get your new sofa into the room. Do you have a small doorway? Are there any tight corners to get into the room? If this is the case, you may need to look at sofas that have removable legs or cushions that can be taken off to make the frame small enough to fit through the door.

How will it be used?

The main purpose of your lounge is to be comfortable, so you also need to think about how your new leather lounge will be used. Will it be used as occasional seating or for serious movie marathons? You also need to consider whether you frequently have unexpected overnight guests who will appreciate a wider sofa. There is no point in getting a firm sofa if you like to slouch to relax.

What’s your available space?

This may seem obvious, but you don’t just need to consider what space your new lounge will occupy. You also need to think about what other furniture will be in the room; perhaps you have other seating, end tables or shelving. Remember that you’ll still need enough room to comfortably move around your lounge. If you want to have end tables on either side of your new sofa, you’ll need to factor this into your measurements.

How will it fit into your room?

Finally, you need to think about where your new sofa will be placed. If you move frequently, you probably don’t want to buy a sofa specifically for your room, but it should still work in your current space. Additionally, you may like a sofa that can work in several different spots in your room such as a reversible chaise sofa that can be used in multiple orientations. Do you want to create a cozy look in winter, but open up the space in summer? Are you planning to put it under a window? You’ll need to check that the height won’t block your view. If in doubt, cut some newspaper to size and play around with your layout, so you can be completely confident that you’re making the right purchase decision.

If you’re planning on shopping for leather sofas in Perth, you should visit us. You’ll find the Chaise Sofas team is here to help you to choose your ideal sofa from our wide selection of bonded leather lounges and sofas.

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