Shopping for Sofas Online? Which Sofa Should You Buy?

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Choosing a new sofa is a personal decision. What someone else finds comfortable, may not be suitable for you. When shopping for sofas online, you need to ensure that you choose the best model for you and your lifestyle. So, here we’ll explore the considerations for sofas, Perth shoppers should know before making a purchase decision.


The Size

These days there are sofas available in all shapes and sizes. While this may mean that you find yourself with too many choices, it will help you to determine the best size for your room. The easiest way to determine the best size sofa for your room is to draw out a quick floor plan. This will allow you to cut out some pieces to scale of models to check which fits well in your space.

Remember, you’ll need to consider how a sofa will affect the traffic pattern of your room. Think about whether the size will obstruct any doors or windows or you may find your new sofa causes more of an annoyance than a pleasure. You may be pleasantly surprised at how a different configuration of sofa can fit into your room. You may find that while you can’t fit a bulky three seater into your room, a modular lounge is just the right choice.


The Material

If you’re shopping online, it can be a challenge to determine whether the materials are good quality. Unlike in a store where you can touch and feel the sofas, you will need to rely on the information provided. So, you’ll need to pay attention to the descriptions and details. Don’t just look at the pictures, read through the information carefully and if you don’t have all the information, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Remember, if you’re in the Perth area, you can always call into our showroom to check out our sofas for yourself.


Assess the Warranty

A good sofa is always supported by a good warranty. A warranty is a sign that the manufacturer is confident that the item is well made and can stand up to the rigours of everyday use in your home. The Chaise Sofas warranty provides cover for manufacturing defects, workmanship or materials. If you’re shopping online and you

need assistance with our warranty, exchange and refund policy, you can use our service form to get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to offer advice.

If you’re shopping for sofas, Perth based Chaise Sofas is ready to help. We offer a wide range of sofas online or instore, and we would be delighted to help you narrow down your choices. Our showroom and online teams are ready to help with any questions or queries you may have.

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