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Top 4 Signs It Might Be Time For a New Lounge

Is your trusty old couch looking a little worse for wear these days? Perhaps a few tears, a fray here and there, a stain from that time the kids decided to have an ice cream fight in the living room. At a certain point, it’s time to admit that your couch has passed its “rustic and well-loved” autumn years, and is well and truly beyond it's expiry date.

We’re sofa lovers; we know that parting with your couch can almost feel like farewelling a friend. So before you start frantically searching for sofas for sale all over Perth, here’s our checklist of the top four signs it might be time for a new lounge:


1: It’s fading fast. If you’re the proud owner of a sunny living space, chances are your couch has seen a fair amount of direct sunlight. And while a sun tan might look good on you, sun bleaching just ain’t a good look on your furnishings. Years of wear and tear on softer fabrics can also leave  patches of discolouration. Unless you’re shooting for a-little-more-than-shabby chic, it might be time to fade to black.


2: You have to be airlifted out of the cushions. Some people are big on plush sofas, and don’t get us wrong: a soft sofa can be a dream after a long day’s work. But when your sofa’s internal structure is collapsing, you might find yourself disappearing into its belly more often than you’d like. It might be time to go sofa-hunting.


3: Your couch sheds more than your pets. Even the most hardy fabrics will hit their stride. If you can’t sit on your couch without needing a twenty minute de-linting session afterwards, it might be time to consider letting go of the old girl. Some finer fabrics that are becoming worn might also display some pilling, which can often be quickly rectified with a fabric shaver.


4: It’s a fashion victim. Even furniture design is subject to fashion’s fickle tides, and that super-groovy orange paisley sofa you fell in love with a few decades back might be beginning to look a little passé. Don’t trap yourself in the past, live in the moment! A style update might be all that you need to kick your whole home forward into the 21st century.


So if it’s looking like it might be time for old faithful to head home to that big living room in the sky, it's time to start scoping out the neighbourhood for a sofa sale. And, hey, we’re biased, but why not check out our great range that will make parting with your favourite sofa just that little bit less painful? Our Perth showroom has a fantastic range of sofas for all sorts of homes, and now with Australia-wide shipping, our eastern states friends can find an affordable new couch in just a few clicks!


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