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Praise be to the mighty futon! This classic style of bed originated in Japan, where the traditional futon includes a soft, thin mattress which can be folded and stored away in cupboards during the day. This flexible and multifunctional character has become the futon’s defining character in the west, too, where “futon” has become synonymous with a versatile and adjustable sofa bed.

The sofa bed has proven to be one of the more functional and popular furniture hybrids, and for good reason: it’s the perfect solution to the problem of unexpected guests. Though the classic old fold-up futon may be a cliché best left to the memories of your student years, the sofa bed is far from dead. Modern designs are bringing a design-focussed, luxury eye to the tried and tested futon format.

adjustable sofa beds


The space-thrifty nature of the futon has also lent it additional relevance with the rise of

cosmopolitan apartment living. As more and more young professionals and families opt for the apartment lifestyle, the prospect of maintaining a guest room for the odd visitor seems to be making less and less sense. A sofa bed is an easy, stylish and efficient way to keep even a one bedroom apartment guest ready at the drop of a hat.

adjustable sofa beds


For those with the luxury of a spare bedroom, don’t let it gather dust while you wait for house

guests! A sofa bed can transform a rarely-used guest room into an extra space for your day-today life. A click-clack futon sofa bed is perfect for a den, study, or even a library, and simply folded down as needed.


Convinced? We knew you would be. Before you run out to get your hands on your new futon, best familiarise yourself with the futon lingo. Here’s our handy glossary to help get you up to speed and hep to the jive of the sofa bed’s three primary forms:


The Pull-out: The classic American sofa bed. Take off the cushions and unfold a secret bed from the guts of your sofa.


The Click-clack: Click, it folds up. Clack, it folds down. It’s that simple. These are the most basic types of sofa beds and among the most stylish, with some models indistinguishable from a standard sofa.


The Sofa Bed Set: These sets can include multiple modular sofa units which can be arranged together to form different sofa suites. The ultimate transformers!


Now that you’re all up to speed on futon sofa beds, it’s time to leap into action and find your perfect futon. Australia, we have you covered! Check out Chaise Sofas’ range of sofa beds and futons for sale, say goodbye to your sealed-off guest rooms, and say hello to new space at home!

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