The Psychology for Choosing the Colour of Your Cushions

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When it comes to choosing cushions, Perth customers often go with their gut instinct for colour and pattern. However, you may not be aware that there is actually a psychology behind choosing a colour and it may be something you would like to consider before you make your purchase and create your decor theme.

Creating an Appetizing Ambience:

If you are considering scatter cushions for your dining area, you may be interested in creating a more appetising ambience. The colour red is often used in these scenarios since it can actually increase appetite. This is the main reason why many restaurants and food venues use red in their dining areas, menus, and logos; to make us feel more hungry. Red is a bold colour, so if you don’t want to commit using red in a large section of your decor, you should consider red scatter cushions on your couch.

A Calming Influence:

If you want to your living area to feel tranquil and calm, blue could be the perfect colour for your cushions and decor. Blue tends to evoke feelings of calm as it makes us think of bright skies and clear seas. Blue shades create a sense of peace and stability, so it makes an ideal colour for your decor. If you want to keep your sofa and other furniture neutral coloured for a longer lifespan, scatter cushions in shades of blue can welcome you into a relaxing area.

A Refreshing Start:

If you want a refreshing start to your day, you may want to consider adding green cushions into your bedroom decor. Green is synonymous with renewal, life, and nature. Whether you choose a sage, bold or even earthy tone of green, you can add a refreshing element to your bedroom decor. Green is also a very complementary colour, pairing well with blues, browns and other warm shades, If you are feeling bold, certain shades of green can also work well with reds and bright pinks.

Positive Vibes:

If you want to create a more positive ambience to your home office, you should choose a yellow cushion for your chair. Psychologically speaking, yellow is associated with confidence, optimism, and happiness. So, if you dread starting work each day, you may find that your mood is boosted with some sunshine yellow cushions in your office.

Black Coloured Cushion With Patterns


Coloured cushions can be an excellent way to add a splash of contrast to your decor. Whether you are wary of being very bold with your furniture or walls or want to keep things more flexible and neutral, scatter cushions can provide an inexpensive and attractive option. If you would like to know more, you should visit us. We have a fantastic range of cushions for sale, and the Chaise Sofas team would be delighted to help you to coordinate and complement your decor. 

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