Tips and Tricks to Protect Leather Lounges

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Leather furniture can be an attractive and practical addition to your room. Leather sofas and lounges can complement many styles of decor, but unfortunately, without proper care and attention, they can quickly start to look untidy. However, there are some tips and tricks you can use to protect your lounge and ensure it looks fantastic in the years to come.

Be Prepared for Regular Maintenance:

Just like your wooden furniture needs a little polish to look its best, Leather Lounges need regular maintenance. With a leather care product, you can protect the leather from any dust and debris, making your every day cleaning a little easier. You will need to use a clean, soft towel and follow the product instructions carefully. If this is a new product, it is a good idea to test it on a small, concealed area of the lounge. A good place is the rear underneath the sofa. Usually, the leather is tucked under the base of the sofa, so you can test the product without leaving an obvious patch. Some cheaper products can alter the colour of the leather, but a good product will provide long term care. If you are unsure about what product to use, the Chaise Sofas team can help you.

Dealing with Stains:

Whether you have small children, pets or less than careful guests, it is inevitable that at some point something will be spilled on Leather Lounges. Perth consumers may immediately feel upset, particularly if the spill is something notorious for staining, such as ink or red wine. However, it is possible to deal with stains and restore the appearance of your couch.
If possible, try to act quickly. Wiping the stain carefully with a clean cloth immediately after the spill may prevent any mark altogether. If you don’t see a spill straight away, all is not lost. A white towel dampened with a little aqua vitae is usually sufficient to clean away any marks. However, don’t be tempted to scrub at the mark. A light and careful touch is needed to lift a stain without damaging the leather finish. For more serious stains or dirt, there are specialist products, so you will need to follow the product instructions carefully.

Consider the Temperature:

Fortunately, our climate is quite compatible for leather couches. Perth is rarely cold enough to cause damage to leather furniture, but you should be aware that temperature variations can be problematic. If the sofa is exposed to hot and cold temperatures for a prolonged period, it could cause the leather to harden and crack. Heat can draw moisture from the leather surface, while cold can cause the leather to stiffen. Fortunately, a good leather conditioner can prevent most of this type of damage.

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If you are considering Leather Lounges, Perth consumers should visit us. We have an excellent selection of Leather Lounges and leather couches, Perth customers will love. The Chaise Sofas team is also available to answer any leather care queries you may have.

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