Your Guide to Choosing Sofa Beds

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If you need a sofa that can double as a sleep space for overnight guests, you’re in the market for sofa beds. A stylish sofa bed can offer comfort in both of these roles, complementing your room decor and increasing practicality. Since this is such a versatile piece of furniture, there are many models to choose from. So, here is your guide to choosing sofa beds to find the perfect model for your home.


Understand the Considerations


When you’re looking for sofa beds, you need to think about your requirements to determine the best model for your home. Consider whether your sofa bed will be needed for adults only seating, or will it be used by children and pets? Will your sofa bed be used for seating occasionally or every day?

You should also be aware of how comfortable the bed element of the sofa bed is. Sofa beds can vary in support and comfort, so while some models may be fine for an occasional overnight guest, they may not provide the comfort needed for frequent use. You also need to consider the size of sleeping area; just because the sofa bed is large, it doesn’t mean that it will provide a large sleeping area.

It is also important to check how easy you find it opening up the bed. If you have a last minute guest arrive, you won’t want to struggle with a problematic mechanism before you can go to bed.


Assess the Type of Sofa Bed


Sofa beds are available in a number of different styles, but they usually fall into one of two categories; fold out and pull out. Fold out sofa beds tend to offer a larger sleeping area, but can lack a headboard. They also tend to have a foam mattress that can be uncomfortable for anything other than occasional use.

Pull out sofa beds typically feature a deeper, more comfortable mattress that can be more suitable for frequent use.

It is worth checking the type of mattress offered, as the quality can vary according to specific models. You may find a fold out sofa bed with a fantastic quality mattress that is far more comfortable than a budget pull out model.

Check the Sizing

Just like regular sofas, sofa beds online and in stores are available in a wide range of designs and sizes. This makes it vital that you check the sizing to ensure that it can be accommodated in your space. You will not only need to check if the sofa can comfortably fit in your room, but also that there is ample space when it is opened out. You will also need to check the size of sleeping space offered. Don’t assume that a large sofa bed will offer a large sleeping area, check the dimensions before you buy.

If you’re thinking about sofa beds in Perth, Chaise Sofas is here to help. We offer a massive choice of sofas, lounges and sofa beds. We aim to make it easy to buy sofa beds online or in our stores, so you’ll find our team ready to answer any queries or questions you may have.

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