Choosing the Best Quality Leather Lounge Suites

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If you are considering leather lounge suites, you may wonder about whether quality is actually reflected in the price tag. This can make many consumers a little concerned about choosing the best quality lounge; do you look for an expensive model or can you get great value with a more affordable item? Here we will explore how to choose the best quality lounge suite for your home.

What’s the Difference?

The first step in determining which lounge suites offer the best value is understanding the differences in the materials. Full leather lounge suites are very different to polyurethane (PU) mixtures. Although synthetic materials can look very realistic, they have different characteristics and require different care. Generally, PU offerings are as much as 30% cheaper compared to 100% leather models. Before making your purchase decision you should be aware that genuine leather offers the highest standard of quality and this is usually reflected in the price.

The primary difference between genuine leather and imitation leathers is that real leather has a natural grain. It feels extremely strong, yet soft to the touch. This means that it is far more durable than many synthetic products.

Expectations of Leather Lounges for Sale:

The other consideration when buying lounge suites, consumers need to assess is that there are different grades of genuine or real leather. The leather quality can vary, along with the other materials used. Lounges are more than just the covering; there are springs, frames, foam and other important components that contribute to the comfort and functionality of the suite. Good quality leather lounge suites offer not only a quality finish but have a strong support. There is attention to detail in all aspects of the lounge, from the substantial frame to the stitching detailing. This means that when assessing the value of any lounge, you need to look not only at the price tag but what materials have been used. If high quality materials have been used, you can expect a higher price tag, but also a lounge that can cope with the demands of family life for many years to come.

A Great Compromise:

If your budget cannot stretch to a good quality leather lounge, there is a no need to feel stuck with cheap PU models. There is a great compromise in the form of bonded leather.

Bonded leather is better than synthetic materials. It is made using multiple pieces of leather bonded together with a coating to give the feel of a leather hide product. Bonded leather tends to feel firmer than leather hide lounges, but it usually has a more reasonable price tag and offers a great compromise.

Tyneham White Leather Corner

If you are considering lounge suites, Perth based Chaise Sofas is ready to help. We have a wide choice of lounge suites including bonded leather and leather lounges for sale with quality frames and support components. Our team would be delighted to welcome you to our showroom or check out our online store.

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