How to Shop for Modular Couches

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Modular sofas or couches are an extremely popular option. They are a highly versatile piece of furniture, creating the flexibility you may need to cope with the changing demands of your family. Modular couches for sale are different from a traditional sofa, as rather than being a single unit, the multiple pieces can be joined together in different configurations, allowing you to tailor your new couch to suit your needs perfectly. While this flexibility is a fantastic advantage, it can make it a little more intimidating to make a purchase decision. Fortunately, the Chaise Sofas team is here to help.

Understanding the Terminology:

The main reason why choosing modular couches is more complicated is because they have their own terminology. While standard couches have relatively few terms, there is lots of modular speak that can be introduced when you start serious shopping. Fortunately, we can provide you with a basic glossary to get you started.

Facing; this term is used to refer to the side of the piece with a backrest or armrest when you are looking at it from the front. So, you will hear the terms right hand facing or left hand facing frequently. In simple terms, a two seater model with an armrest only on the right hand side will be referred to as a right hand facing piece.

Chaise; this is simply a lengthened seat that allows you to put your feet up.

Terminal; this is a piece that has backrests and a corner, but no armrests. You may also hear the term end terminal, to refer to a piece that connects to a corner with a backrest and no armrests.

Corner; finally, this piece allows you to create a specific shape and change direction. The shape of the corner piece will depend on the particular sofa model. Cheap sectional couches for sale often have limited corner options, but some models allow square, rounded or wedge corner pieces to create a different aesthetic.

Considerations for Modular Couches:

When you start shopping for modular couches, there are a number of factors you will need to consider. The most important is how your new sofa will be positioned in your home. If you have an open plan living space, you will need to choose models that do not require placement against a wall and have an attractive back. Walk around the models in the showroom to ensure that you are happy with how the sofa looks on a 360 degree view.

You will also need to assess whether your home decor is best suited to a traditional or contemporary sofa style. While this is predominantly a matter of personal preference, your new sofa will need to complement your existing decor.

Ash Black L Shaped Sofa & Purple Ottoman

If you are interested in modular couches, Perth based Chaise Sofas is ready to help. We have a range of modular couches for sale, and our team is here to answer any of your questions about modular couches or planning your new lounge furniture.

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