Considerations When Choosing Lounge Suites

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While many of us love to window shop for a new sofa, there are actually a number of important considerations before you make a final purchase decision. Here, we will walk you through some of the considerations you should assess before you make your choice.



Your Room:

Beyond the obvious of your colour scheme, you need to consider the room where you would place your choice of Lounge Suites. Is the room casual or formal? Will it be used frequently or will it be your “good” room? Will pets and small children be using the room?

All of these questions will help you to determine the type of lounge you should be shopping for. For example, a White Leather Lounge can look very sophisticated, but you may find also find that any sticky spills from little fingers can’t be easily wiped away.

Once you have determined the types of fabric that would suit your room requirements, you can then assess your colour choices.

Is Your Family Short or Tall?

Whether your family members are average sized, taller or shorter will determine your preferred sofa style. When assessing Lounge Suites for sale, you should look at the depth of the seat. If you are shorter, a deep sofa will prevent you from bending your legs, and you may find that you end up sitting like a toddler. However, if you’re taller, a narrow sofa will leave you with your knees around your ears. How you prefer to sit on your new sofa will determine the depth. If you like to sit curled up with your legs tucked, a deep sofa style is what you are looking for. If you prefer to lay out, you may wish to consider purchasing a sofa with a chaise.

The Arm Height and Shape:

While it can make a design statement, larger arms increase the total size of your sofa. This can make it problematic if your room dimensions are slightly smaller. If you like to doze on your sofa, a rounded arm tends to be more comfortable compared to a square one. You should also look for arms that offer plenty of padding, to keep your neck comfortable.

Back Height:

Another style consideration that can affect your comfort is the height of the back. Low backed lounges are very contemporary and can look very stylish, but will provide less support for your shoulders and neck compared to a higher back.

Seating Configuration:

Finally, you need to decide your ultimate seating configuration. Modular Lounge Suites allow you to create the size and shape that is best suited to your needs and room dimensions. You can have a chaise set on the left or right side, or if you are feeling decadent both. This means that there will be no arguments when you both want to lie back and watch a movie.

If you are shopping for Lounge Suites for sale, you should visit us. We have an impressive choice of Lounge Suites and Sofa Beds in a range of styles and fabrics. The Chaise Sofas team is also available to answer any queries you may have.

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