Terrible Buying Mistakes for Sofas Perth Consumers Should Avoid

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If you are considering buying lounges or a new sofa, you may have already started to look at furniture guides and design magazines. However, buying a new piece of furniture is more than just choosing a colour and style you like. Before you make a purchase decision, here are some terrible buying mistakes you need to avoid.

Not Measuring:

One of the most common mistakes for buying couches is not measuring. Many people assume that a new couch will be approximately the same size as an existing piece of furniture. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and you may find that your new sofa cannot fit properly in the room. Additionally, you may discover that a larger sofa cannot fit through hallways, doors or even into an elevator, so it is impossible to get it into the desired spot. Before you start shopping, get out your tape measure and make a note of these dimensions. You can then measure any potential new sofas in the store to ensure that it will fit.

Not Considering the Effect of Lighting:

While that lovely shade of sofa may look perfect under the bright lights of a showroom, this doesn’t mean it will look the same in your home. You may have more or less natural light that will affect how the tone looks in your room. Lighting can have a dramatic effect on colour, and there are many hues of shade in any colour. When a red sofa is in your room, it could appear to be more pink or brown than in the showroom. If the precise shade is important, get a fabric sample to take home and compare to your decor.

Not Considering Functionality:

When it comes to sofas, Perth consumers will find that they have so many options. However, before you fall in love with a particular model, you need to think about functionality. Do you have small children? Will the sofa be used every day? Is it needed as an occasional guest bed? All of these considerations will affect whether this sofa fits your specific needs. Although a sofa may look gorgeous in the showroom, it may not be practical in your home. Remember that while style is important, the primary function of a sofa is to be a comfortable place to sit. Don’t fall prey to faddy trends that may leave you with a great looking piece of furniture that is never used.


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