How an Ottoman and Other Accessories Can Make Your Large Room Cosy

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If you have just moved into a larger home, you may suddenly find that your rooms appear a little cold and stark. It may be the case that the furniture that was perfectly sized for your smaller home is not enough for a spacious new home. However, you don’t need to invest in massive amounts of new furniture, as you can use accessories and smaller pieces like ottomans to make your room look cosy and warm.

Purple Ottoman

Divide the Room:

The first stage of making your room feel cosy is to divide it into different zones according to its purpose. While your old room may have had all the furniture centred around your television, you will now have more room for zones. You could create a reading nook with an armchair and ottoman. You can make this area look even cosier by framing it with a set of bookshelves. You could even create a window seating area with an ottoman; this will provide a comfortable place for you to sit and watch the world go by. You can add further definition for the different room zones by using rugs to define the areas.  

Add Lounge Modules:

If you have a modular lounge, now is the perfect time to add another couple of sections. While your old home may have had limited space, you could now enjoy an L shaped or corner sofa to make the best use of the space. You could even add a chaise to your lounge to make it even more comfortable.

Add Space Fillers:

Nests of tables or lamp tables can be a terrific space filler and make a practical addition to your room. Adding another couple of lamps can also create more diffused lighting that will make the room feel warmer. You could also use a storage ottoman as a coffee table or additional seating. This makes an excellent option as you will have a place to tidy away all those bits of clutter that are part and parcel of family life.

Think About Colour:

Darker colours absorb light and will make your room immediately feel cosier. While you may have shied away from darker colours in your smaller home, it can now be the perfect opportunity to allow you to experiment with colours.

A warm tone on the walls will appear to bring in the walls. You can break up solid walls of colour with mirrors and bold prints. You should also think about the colour and texture of your window coverings. Heavy fabrics can create a dramatic and warm aesthetic.

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