Showcase Modular Lounges and Turn a House into a Home

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There is a massive difference between a home and a house. While a house can serve your basic requirements, a home provides a refuge and haven. While a modular lounge can look attractive in any room, if you want to showcase your new sofa, you need to make your house feel homely.

  White Leathert Lounge With Zebra Patterned Rug


Start With Open Space:

Modular Lounges are remarkably flexible, but in order to create a warm home, you need to start with open space. Clutter is often part and parcel of family life, but if you create more space, it will provide more options and flexibility. Before you plan your Modular Sofa, think about the overall space. This will allow you to create the perfect shape and style of lounge to not only accommodate your family but create that comfortable, cozy feeling of a home.

Consider Accessories:

While a leather modular lounge can look very sophisticated, if you want a more homely feel, you need to consider accessories and other soft furnishings. Plush cushions and a throw blanket can be a great way to create additional comfort and add more texture into your overall decor theme. You should also think about how your lounge can be complemented by your window furnishings and other accessories. Think about complementary colours and textures to tie in the overall look, but don’t forget the personal touches such as photographs and family pictures.

Think About Colour Creatively:

Colour is an excellent way to add your personal style to your home. Colour helps to establish a theme and enhance your mood. If you want a natural, organic look, choose white or warm timber furniture. This will complement your new lounge and create a base for your design. A neutral wall colour can create a blank canvas to showcase your new lounge and other accessories. You can add colourful touches such as prints, frames, cushions and ceramics. However, these smaller items can be easily changed if you want to update your aesthetics.


Think Functionality:

While many homeowners think about style, they forget that a home is lived in. This means that your furniture needs to be functional and suit the needs of your family. If you have small children, think about Modular Lounges that have easy to clean fabrics. Additionally, think about whether you can add further modules should your family expand at a later date. While glass furniture can complement a stylish lounge, it may get covered with sticky marks from little fingers. Instead, think about timber pieces that can be refinished if a craft project disaster or some other spill occurs.

If you are considering Modular Lounges to make your home feel comfortable and stylish, you should visit us. We have a fantastic product range including Modular Sofa systems. The Chaise Sofas team is also available to provide advice to determine the perfect sofa to be the highlight of your cozy home.

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