How to Plan the Right Rugs for Modular Lounges

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A rug or mat is an instant and easy way to add colour to your room and complement your new modular lounge. A rug can take the cold edge off your room and make a difference to the acoustics of your room; absorbing echoes and noise in the room. So, if you enjoy relaxing on modular lounges, you may want to consider incorporating a rug into your room, and we’ll help you plan the right rug with some advice here.

 How To Plan The Right Rugs For Modular Lounges

The Basics

A rug is an effective way to define the space and complete the overall look of your room. Rugs can acts as links, anchoring your modular lounge and other pieces of furniture for an overall finished aesthetic. The right rug makes a bold statement and could even act as floor art. Whether you choose a textured wool blend, a patterned design or a layering of rugs, rugs can add texture to your decor and provide warmth or softness to your space.


The Right Size

Rugs are available in myriad sizes that range from doormat to a full room covering. Generally, it is a good idea to choose a large sized rug that can easily accommodate your modular lounge. All the pieces of modular lounges should be able to sit on the rug or slightly overlap it for a great look.

Incorrectly sizing your rug can be a disappointment, as it can create an awkward look. For example, if you choose a smaller round rug to sit under your modular lounge, it can look out of place and uncoordinated. Therefore, you need to consider scale and space proportion before you choose a rug. Ensure that you measure the area where you will place your rug to ensure that it is the correct size before you make a purchase decision.


The Right Shape

Rugs are available in a variety of shapes, but the most common are oblong, circular, square and rectangular. The easiest shape of rug to style is a rectangle. This will allow you to define the area and allow your modular lounge to be anchored from it.

While you may assume that a rectangular rug will be the best option for your modular lounge, you can create an interesting twist by mixing and matching the shapes. Placing an oversized round rug under the pieces of your modular lounge can create a softened look as the edges of the area are defined with a gentle curve. The round shape can create an attractive contrast to the rectangular configuration of the lounge to create balance in the room.

Don’t assume that you should always choose a rectangular rug and play around with different shapes and styles. If you’re unsure whether a shape will work in your room and with your modular lounge, create a paper template or place a tape outline so you can see how the rug would fit.

If you’re considering modular lounges in Perth, Chaise Sofas is ready to help. We offer a wide selection of modular lounges, sofas, and suites. You’ll also find our sales staff is ready to answer any queries to help you choose the perfect model to complement your new rug.

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