Considerations When Buying Sofa Beds Online

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If you’re looking to buy sofas online, you’re likely to find that you have an overwhelming choice of options. A new sofa bed can dramatically improve the functionality of your room, creating space for guests even in more modest sized homes. So, here we’ll explore some of the considerations you’ll need to think about when shopping for sofa beds.


How Will It Be Used?

Unfortunately, many sofas beds are less comfortable than a regular bed, so if your new sofa bed will be used as a bed most of the time, you’ll need to shop a little more carefully. If your sofa bed will only be used for guest occasionally, you’ll still want to make sure that the sofa part is really comfortable, but you could opt for a slightly less plush bed component.


Which Type is Best For You?

There are several basic types of sofa beds, and the type you pick will depend on several factors. Most sofa beds online will fall into one of three categories:

The Traditional Pull Out: This type often features a full size mattress and are designed primarily as a sofa. This means that the cushions are usually quite comfortable and with the right choice of mattress, you won’t be tossing and turning all night. Some pull outs are supplied with a very thin mattress that often fails to protect against the metal bars, so be sure to check which mattress options will provide adequate cushioning.

The Futon: While this type of sofa bed is typically associated with student accommodation, they are still a popular option in homes. Futons tend to be easy to transport, lightweight and easy to fold out. Unfortunately, the mattresses are often made of low density foam and cotton batting that can compress over time, causing them a little on the uncomfortable side.

The Daybed: This type is more bed than sofa, making them a great option if the sofa bed will be used more for sleeping. They are usually a standard twin or full size bed, but they tend to lack the formal appeal of a traditional sofa bed model.


Is it Easy to Open and Close?

The convenience of a sofa bed can be easily compromised if you simply can’t get the hang of opening or closing it. The ideal sofa bed will allow the mattress to fold out in one simple, smooth motion. So, read some reviews to get an idea of how easy a particular model is to use. The last thing you want is to buy a sofa bed and find that it is a nightmare to use every time you have guests over.


Will it Fit?

Finally, you need to perform a double check to ensure that your chosen sofa bed will fit in your space. Don’t assume that all sofa beds have standard dimensions. Take proper measurements for both the sofa and when it is extended into a bed. There is no point in having a sofa bed if you don’t have the room to open it out into a bed when you need it.

If you’re considering sofa beds online, you should visit us. We offer a wide selection of models to allow you to buy sofas online or in store. You’ll also find the Chaise Sofas team ready to answer any queries or questions you may have.

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