How to Style Corner Lounge Suites

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Corner lounges are ideal for lounging on a lazy family day or bringing everyone together when you socialise without compromising style and comfort. One of the most attractive features of corner lounge suites is that they provide flexible seating; allowing you to stretch out in comfort and providing the additional seating needed when guests arrive. However, a corner lounge is a large piece of furniture, and you’ll need it to match the rest of your room and coordinate with your decor. So, here we’ll provide insight into how to style corner lounge suites.


Consider Lighting


Corner lounge suites tend to determine the layout of a room as they become a focal point. Unfortunately, some lounge styles can make a smaller space feel cramped if they are not correctly styled. To negate this, you’ll need to consider lighting. If your room is lacking natural light, add a floor lamp behind your lounge to make the room feel brighter.


Think About Legs


Many of us become so distracted by styles, materials, and colours, we don’t look at the legs when shopping for new lounges. However, the type of legs can have a massive impact on your room flow and styling. If you have a smaller room, choosing a lounge that has modern, sleek legs will raise it up from the floor and allow light to flow. This will immediately create a more welcoming and airy aesthetic.


Add Pops of Colour


Since a lounge is a large piece of furniture, many homeowners will opt for a neutral shade to avoid overwhelming the room. However, you can still add pops of colour with bright cushions as statement accessories. Plump cushions will not only enhance your comfort but tie the whole look of the room together. Pick a background shade from your curtains, wall prints or other focal areas and create a bold statement that will coordinate your lounge suite with the overall decor. Don’t forget that you can mix and match your cushions to create even more interest. Group cushions in threes with different textures and shades. This will not only help to style to style corner lounges, but it creates a welcoming look that encourages guests to settle in and make themselves feel at home.


Add Finishing Touches


Finally, you need to add the finishing touches to bring your decorative scheme together. There are a number of ways to make the entire room stand out without compromising the focus on your new corner lounge centerpiece. Consider adding a rug to your wooden floor to create an understated yet homely feel. Add wall art or other accessories to complete the look. Or incorporate other items such as a coffee table, end table or shelving unit to allow the lounge to be beautifully showcased.


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