Tips for Making a Small Room Appear Larger

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If you have a smaller home, creating a space for guests can be a real challenge. If you have been considering Sofa Beds, Perth residents should consider whether they will dominate or complement a smaller space. Here are a few tips to make a smaller room appear larger and create a welcoming area for your guests.

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Coordinate Your Colours:

It can be very tempting to go for a multitude of bold, bright colours in a guest room. Since the room is not likely to be used everyday, you may consider being a little bolder with your colour palette than you would in the rest of your home. By coordinating the colours of your walls and floor together with a choice of soda beds, Perth homes can immediately enjoy a greater feeling of space. In a small room, monochrome colours tend to work really well.

Maximise Natural Light:

Natural light can make a room feel lighter and more airy. Although your guest room may not have french doors or other glass doors to let in light, you can maximise light with a careful choice of window coverings. Lighter curtains or blinds can allow in a diffused light. However, be aware that natural sunlight can fade certain fabrics, so it could cause damage to Lounge Suites or Sofa Beds.

Think About Decorative Touches:

When space is at a premium, many homeowners tend to steer away from decorative touches. By leaving the walls blank and minimizing the finishing touches, it can leave the room feeling stark and cold. However, your decorative touches can also create a sense of space. For example, you will find that a large print or picture will work better rather than a grouping of smaller prints. Your decorative touches can add texture and warmth to the room, but don’t go too crazy, as clutter will make the room feel smaller.

Consider Your Sofa Bed Choices Carefully:

While there is a tonne of available cheap furniture, Perth residents should not just consider the price when choosing a sofa bed for their small guest room. Simple furniture lines tend to work best in small spaces, and you should choose plain fabrics. Neutral stripes and small prints can also work well. If you are worried about your sofa bed looking a little dull, you can always add splashes of colour with some bright cushions. If possible choose a sofa with raised legs to create a greater sense of space.

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