Top Tips to Easily Move a Sofa Bed

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A sofa bed can be a very flexible piece of furniture. Whether you are using it for an occasional guest or it is regularly used in a teenagers bedroom, your sofa is likely to be a central feature in the room. However, if you decide that you want to rearrange your furniture in the room or relocate it to another area of your home, these items of furniture can be cumbersome and a challenge to move. Fortunately, there are some top tips to help you accomplish this without damaging your sofa or your back.

Lighten the Load:

Although Sofa Beds and adjustable beds may appear to be formidable pieces of furniture, you can lighten the load a little when they need to be moved. Strip off any cushions, take out any storage drawers and remove any stored items. This will take your sofa down to a more manageable load.

Get Help:

Although it may seem like common sense, very few people try to get help when they are moving their sofa bed. However, if you want to avoid causing damage to your sofa, the walls or yourself, then it is certainly a job for more than just one person.  If you don’t want to resort to hiring professionals, perhaps family members, friends or even a neighbour could help you to quickly and efficiently move your item. Just have a clear idea of where you want the item to go, so you avoid your helpers standing around and waiting for you.

Invest in Sliders:

Sliders are felt pads or plastic cups that can be placed under the feet of the sofa to allow you to move it more easily. Since the sliders reduce friction, you can make small or large adjustments to the position of your sofa. These canny devices make it easy to push the sofa where you want it without needing to lift and carry it. Although it may take a little  manoeuvring to get the sliders in place, it makes moving most items of furniture far easier.

Consider a Dolly:

When needing to move Sofa Beds, Perth consumers rarely give a thought to hiring equipment, but a dolly or hand truck can provide some great assistance. Since the sofa is a large item of furniture, the wheels on the dolly mean that you can transport it with relative ease. Unless you plan on moving furniture frequently, there is no need to buy a dolly, as they can  easily be hired on a day to day basis. If you are concerned about moving with the dolly, you could place bubble wrap around the wheels or casters  for protection when you go through doorways or around corners in your home.

If you are shopping for new Sofa Beds, Perth consumers should visit us. We have an excellent selection of adjustable sofa bed models. The Chaise Sofas team would be delighted to answer any queries you may have and help you find your ideal model.

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